A strong Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is critical to ensure efficient health care programs, public health and consumer safety and welfare protection, and a strong health industry sector in the country.
The current FDA administration is guided by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s three “marching orders” for regulatory agencies, namely 1) Zero backlog, 2) 72-hour turnaround time, and 3) Strengthened enforcement, and his directive to eradicate illegal drug trade and increasing abuse of controlled and addictive substances.
In December 2016, the FDA represented by Director General, Nela Charade G. Puno, RPh, and the Philippine National Police (PNP), represented by Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, signed a Memorandum of Agreement. The partnership will strengthen enforcement of the law to protect public health and further the investigation of criminal violators of FDA laws, rules and regulations.
The alliance with PNP is a testimony to DG Puno’s promise to lead the change and reforms needed at the FDA not to protect the consumers from counterfeit, unregistered, adulterated, misbranded, or substandard health products in the market, but to make more FDA relevant in the midst of ASEAN economic integration and increasing global trade.
Last March, FDA DG Puno led the 9-day enforcement training course of 16 FDA and 95 PNP officers from the different regions of the country. Among the PNP participants who completed the course were 4 Generals and 31 other police officers.
DG Puno authorized and deputized the PNP to execute specific operations and to provide assistance to the FDA Regulatory Enforcement Unit (REU) and the FDA Inspectorates over violations of FDA laws, rules, and regulations. With the involvement of the entire PNP nationwide, the alliance is known as the Joint FDA-PNP Task Force “D-PUNCH”, which stands for Destroy Products Unfit for the Consumption of Humans.

There is no stopping to the accomplishments of the Joint FDA‐PNP Task Force D‐Punch. Initial record shows that the D-PUNCH were successful in their operations, which led to confiscation and seizure of unregistered and counterfeit health products, and subsequent filing of cases by the PNP against criminals, violators or unscrupulous businessmen.

FDA Retains ISO:9001 Certification

Director General Nela Charade G. Puno led the FDA Management Team and the Quality Management System (QMS) Committee during the TUV Rheinland Surveillance and Follow-up Audit on the FDA’s conformity to ISO: 9001 (2008) on February 14, 15 and 17, 2017. The objective of the audit is to determine if the existing ISO9001:2008 Certification for Licensing and Registration were maintained by the FDA. The FDA passed the audit and was granted Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) as part of the scope of accreditation.
In preparation for the next audit and upgrading of the QMS to ISO9001:2015 standards, DG Puno reconstituted the FDA QMS Team.

From the Director General’s Desk

It is with great pride that I congratulate the Food and Drug Administration for coming out with the maiden issue of our Newsletter.
The FDA Office of the Director General recognizes the importance of constant communication with the different industry sectors that the FDA regulates, and timely and accurate dissemination of useful information and advisories to the public and consumers.
In the next five years, the current administration will lead in catalyzing change in the FDA, and will pave the way for FDA to become self-sustaining and internationally recognized as a center of excellence for health product regulation. In the first three years, the FDA will restructure the agency’s foundation by building its management information and operational system, implement organizational reform and development, strengthen enforcement, upgrade its facilities, develop smart regulation, and improve its public information services. In the fourth and fifth year, the FDA will forge inter-agency partnership, build global presence, initiate digital enforcement, improve its laboratory capability, and increase its FDA Academy service portfolio.
The publication of this Newsletter is just one of the media to increase public awareness and confidence in FDA as the National Competent Authority on health products.
Regular publication of the FDA Newsletter requires dedication and service. I would like to congratulate the


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