FDA Advisory No. 2012-016 || Update on Cosmetic Products Found to Contain Highly Toxic Level of Mercury

Update on Cosmetic Products Found to Contain Highly Toxic Level of Mercury

The manufacture, importation, selling or offering for sale of cosmetics products without FDA approval or found to contain harmful or toxic substances is in direct violation of Republic Act No. 9711 , otherwise known as the FDA Act of 2009, and Republic Act No. 7394, otherwise known as the Consumer Act of the Philippines.

Several cosmetic products, which were not approved by the FDA, has entered the Philippine market. The products were found to contain highly toxic mercury above the allowable limit of 1 ppm or 1 mg/kg. These products have been banned in the Philippines. (Please see attached TABLE. List of Cosmetic Products Found to Contain More than the Allowable Limit of 1 ppm Mercury from January 2010 to July 2012.)

FDA-approved cosmetics are produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and comply with the cosmetic standards for safety and quality.

Mercury salts in cosmetic products inhibit the formation of melamin in the skin, resulting in a lighter skin tone. There have been cases of adverse health effects brought . about by highly toxic mercury in cosmetic products, such as kidney damage, skin rashes, skin discoloration and scarring. Chronic use reduces the skin's normal resistance against
bacterial and fungal infections. Other effects include anxic'ty, depression or psychosis and peripheral neuropathy. The transfer of mercury to fetuses of pregnant women may
manifest as neurodevelopment deficits later in life.

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