DOH-BFAD Advisory No. 2009-008

Required Documentary Evidence for the Effective Investigation and Prosecution of Establishments and Outlets Violating Executive Order No. 821 (Prescribing the Maximum Drug Retail Prices for Selected Drugs and Medicines that Address that account for the Leading Causes Of Morbidity and Mortality) and the Government Mediated Access Price of Drugs and Medicines

For the effective implementation of Executive Order (EO) No. 821 and the Government Mediated Access Price (GMAP) of drugs and medicines through efficient investigation and prosecution of establishments and outlets violating the above EO and GMAP for drugs and medicines, the public are advised to be vigilant and to report immediately to the nearest Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) or Center for Health Development (CHD) offices any outlets or establishments not complying to the reduced price of drugs and medicines, or that refuse to sell the products at the imposed reduced price.

For this purpose, every consumer is enjoined, when buying drugs and medicines, to
1. Demand an official receipt (OR) covering the drugs and medicines purchased;
2. See to it that the name (Generic Name and Brand Name) and corresponding prices of the drugs and medicines are indicated in the receipt issued; and
3. Observe that the date of purchase of the drugs and medicines is also indicated in said receipt.

Thus, any person reporting or complaining is advised to submit before the BFAD or any CHD offices the complaint or report letter together with a legible copy of the OR issued by the establishment or outlet being complained of or reported. Refusal of any establishments or outlets to issue official receipts or to indicate the above necessary information may likewise be reported and shall be acted accordingly.

Any report or complaints received through telephone shall be subject to verification.

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