CCRR Downloadables

Steps for Cosmetic e-Notification v.2.0:

1.    Secure a CCRR User Account by sending a request to following the format below:

2.    After securing the CCRR user account, log in at the FDA e-Portal (
3.    Select “New Case” and accomplish the ASEAN Notification Form.
4.    Download the Order of Payment and assign the task to FDA Cashier.
5.    Pay the fee at any Landbank Branch or thru online Bancnet payment and wait for the Result of Application.
6.    If approved, download and  print the notice of acknowledgement.
7.    For more information, you may download the following for your reference/guidance:
FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2015-010
FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2015-011
Cosmetic e-Notification v.2.0 Booklet for Applicants

Do's and Don'ts

1.    Fields with red asterisk (*) are mandatory and shall not be left blank.
2.    DO NOT COMMIT ANY SPELLING MISTAKE, FDA won't be liable for this.
3.    For the Restricted Ingredient, make sure to provide the function of that ingredient and its corresponding percentage.


Certificate of Free Sale for Cosmetics and Household Urban Hazardous Substances

1. Letter of Intent

2. Photocopy of the following

    1. Valid LTO with attachment(s)
    2. Valid acknowledged notification with complete particulars

3. Proof of payment (Php 510/product/country)

Note:  If the cosmetic formulation contains placenta ingredient, submit the following:

  1. Certificate of Origin indicating the specie, e.g. Equus caballus (horse), of the connective tissue extract, or embryo extract and/or placental protein
  2. Certificate of Analysis stating the composition of the placental protein or hormone free
  3. Certificate from Health Authority of the country of origin that the bovine is free from transmittable spongiform encephalopathy (TSE).