Registration Amnesty for Non-Compliant Products Specifically Under Product Classification, Category IV- Do-It-Yourself and Hobby Products, Classified as Household/Urban Hazardous Substances (HUHS)

Administrative Order No. 312, series of 1977, Presidential Decree No. 881, and Republic Act No. 9711, otherwise known as the FDA Act of 2009, recognize that some household items or products may have health effects and may contain hazardous substances or may be sources of exposure from hazardous substances.  These household items or products differ in risk, which is a function of hazard and exposure, compared with other household hazardous substances categorized by the FDA. 

Do-it-yourself and hobby items, such as glues and cement, dyes, ink and ink cartridges, gem bluer, educational sets e.g. crayons, pencils, pens and miscellaneous chemistry sets and other similar products, are considered household/urban hazardous substances as stipulated by R.A. No. 9711. These products may have effects on health which require regulations of the FDA. These products, compared with other categories of household hazardous substances stipulated in Administrative Order No. 312, series of 1977, under the authority of Presidential Decree No. 881, namely 1) products containing petroleum distillates, 2) polishes and waxes, 3) cleansers and detergents, 4) yard and home products, such as air freshener and insecticides, are relatively less hazardous and when used as indicated present practically no risk.

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