Receiving of Applications and Payment of FDA Fees and Charges

In the interest of effective and efficient public service delivery of this Office, FDA Memorandum circular no. 2010-010, 2012-004 and 2013-007 are hereby amended as follows:

 1. Receiving of Food Applications - Schedule of receiving for License to Operate and Product Registration applications shall be reverted back from Mondays and Tuesdays to every Mondays Only.


2. Number of Applications per Transaction - Acceptance of payment at the cashier section shall be not more than ten (10) applications per transactions per client. Clients must secure for another number, If still within cut-off time, and wait again for his/her turn before he/she can pay the remaining applications.


3. Senior Citizens, Persons with disability and Pregnant Clients - prioritization for the render of service shall still be observed, provided that corresponding authorization letter/s from each company represented must be presented during payments, otherwise, if the transaction is not for personal use or more than two applications they will fall under Client regular lane.

All other provisions of FMC No. 2010-010, 2012-004 and 2013-007 are still in effect.

This Circular shall take effect immediately.

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