In the interest of service and transparency, listed below is the latest decking status per application type:

Initial Jul 2013 – 3rd week
Monitored Release July 2013 – 3rd week
Automatic Renewal May 2014 – 3rd week
Renewal Jan 2014
Monitored Release Extension Feb 2014
Vaccine March 2014
Veterinary Apr 2014
SLE-SLR May 2014
PCPR June 2014
Amendment (Regular) March 2014
CLIDP Apr 2014
Revalidation Mar 2014
Promo Aug 2014
Certification Aug 2014
GLE Aug 2014
LTO Jul 2014

Also, compliances received on November 2013 to April 2014 are being processed this Month of August 2014. Outcome of evaluation will be expected within four to six Weeks upon decking. Furthermore, please be reminded that application status can be viewed at

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