As a regulatory agency under the Department of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, created under Republic Act No. 3720, series of 1963, as amended by Executive Order 175, series of 1987, otherwise known as the “Food, Drugs and Devices, and Cosmetics Act”, and subsequently Republic Act No. 9711 otherwise known as “The Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009”, is mandated to ensure the safety, efficacy or quality of health products as defined by RA No. 97111, which include means food, drugs, cosmetics, devices, biologicals, vaccines, in-vitro diagnostic reagents, radiation-emitting devices or equipment, and household/urban hazardous substances, including pesticides and toys, or consumer products that may have an effect on health which require regulations as determined by the FDA.

Among others, the FDA is also mandated to enforce the provisions of the following laws:

  • RA 9502, or The Universally Accessible Cheaper and Quality Medicine Act of 2008, 
  • RA 6675, or  The Generics Act Of 1988, 
  • RA 5921, or The Pharmacy Law,
  • RA 9211, or The Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003
  • RA 7394, or The Consumer Act of the Philippines
  • RA 7581/10623, or The Price Act
  • RA 10611, or The Food Safety Act of 2013
  • RA  8172, or The ASIN Law,
  • RA 8203, or The Special Law on Counterfeit Drug
  • RA 8976, or The Food Fortification Law
  • RA 9165, or The Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act
  • RA 9257, or The Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2003
  • PD No. 881, or The Household Hazardous Act
  • EO No. 51, or The Milk Code of the Philippines
  • RA 10354, or The Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Bill of 2012
  • PD 856, or The Code of Sanitation of the Philippines

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