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Submission of Comments on the Draft FDA Circular by the Center for Food Regulation and Research (CFRR)

Please be informed that the CFRR has drafted the attached FDA Circular entitled “Addendum to FDA Circular No. 2020-033 “Procedure for the Use of the Modified Electronic Registration System for Raw Materials and Prepackaged Processed Food Products” Repealing FDA Circular No. 2016-014 “Procedure for the Use of Electronic Registration System for Prepackaged Processed Food Products” to Include Process Steps for the Correction of Certificate of Product Registration, Additional Guidelines in Accomplishing Online Application Form, To include the requirements stipulated in FC No. 2021-028, and Express Repeal of Relevant FDA Issuances for this Purpose.”. All concerned stakeholders may submit comments in MSWord format via email to on or before 14 October 2022 using the format below:

For your information and guidance.

Thank you.