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The Center for Cosmetics and Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Regulation and Research (CCHUHSRR) is soliciting comments on the proposed FDA Circular, provisionally entitled “Updated Guidelines on the Filing and Submission of Applications for the Licensing and Registration of Household/Urban Hazardous Substances (HUHS) Establishments and Products, Respectively through the FDA E-Portal V.2 System”.

The proposed issuance aims to provide the updated step-by-step procedures for the electronic filing and submission of applications for the licensing of HUHS establishments and registration of HUHS products, respectively, through the FDA e-Portal V.2 System, resulting from system updates which includes the incorporation of the preliminary assessment (Pre-Assessment) step in the process in compliance with Republic Act No. 11032 and the addition of necessary information fields in the system application form.

In view of the foregoing, all concerned stakeholders, including HUHS Manufacturers, Distributors, Traders and other related establishments are requested to submit their comments to the proposed issuance. Comments are specifically sought in order to improve the clarity and comprehensibility of the text and structure of the procedures detailed in the proposed updated guidelines.

All comments are requested to be submitted in MSWord Format via email to [email protected] on or before 15 October 2022 using the attached “Template for Comments”.

Thank you very much.