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In the interest of consumer protection and ethical selling of alcoholic beverages to the consuming public, all food retailers, such as supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores and sari-sari stores, are hereby warned against the promoting and selling of alcoholic beverages to minors, especially in ready-to-drink food packaging.

Food retailers, particularly supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores, are sternly reminded to sell all alcoholic beverages in respective liquor/alcoholic drinks section or shelf, with prominent signage, in store premises for restriction of access to minors.

For erring food retailers continuously selling alcoholic beverages to minors, please report them to eReport, the online reporting facility of the Food and Drug Administration, which can be accessed at or call 857-1900 local 8112 and 8115.

Dissemination of information to all concerned is requested.


Attachments>:FDA Advisory No. 2019-250 |