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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public from purchasing and consuming the following unregistered food products and food supplements:

  1. NATURE’S REWARD Super Potency Biotin 5000mcg
  2. LUTONG BAHAY Nata de Coco (Coconut Gel in Syrup) , 8oz, 227g
  3. CRYSTAL Gulaman Powder, Elastic, Clear and Delicious, Green, 24g
  4. TROPICAL HARVEST Kio, Fortified Iodized Salt, 250g
  5. GOLDEN HEALTH Turmeric Capsules, 100% Turmeric Powder, 500mg Gelatin Capsules

The FDA verified through post-marketing surveillance that the above mentioned food products and food supplements  are not authorized and the Certificates of Product Registration have not been issued. Pursuant to the Republic Act No. 9711, otherwise known as the “Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009”, the manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, offering for sale, distribution, transfer, non-consumer use, promotion, advertising or sponsorship of health products without the proper authorization is prohibited.

Since these unregistered food products and food supplements have not gone through evaluation process of the FDA, the agency cannot assure their quality and safety. The use of such violative products may pose health risks to consumers.

In light of the foregoing, the public is advised not to purchase the aforementioned violative products. Moreover, the public is advised to always check if a food products or food supplements is registered with the FDA. The FDA website ( has a Search feature which may be used by typing in the name of the product before purchasing.

All concerned establishments are warned not to distribute violative food supplements until they have been issued the appropriate authorization, a License to Operate (LTO) for the establishment, and a CPR for the food product.

All FDA Regional Field Offices and Regulatory Enforcement Units, in coordination with law enforcement agencies and Local Government Units, are requested to ensure that violative products are not sold or made available in the market or areas of jurisdiction.

Kindly contact the FDA Center for Food Regulation and Research through e-mail at, or call (02)857-1900 loc. 8112 and 8105.

To report any sale or distribution of unregistered food product/food supplement, the online reporting facility, eReport can be accessed at

Dissemination of this advisory to all concerned is hereby requested.

Attachment:->FDA Advisory No.2020-1220