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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hereby warns the public on misleading claims and inappropriate use of the product HYSSOP MINERAL DROPS MINERAL BLEND FOOD SUPPLEMENT DROPS registered under FDA as a food supplement with no approved therapeutic claims.

This Office monitored from social media sites and also received numerous reports from consumers and health care practitioners that this food supplement is improperly used as ‘eye drops’ as claimed by its online sellers and distributors.

The FDA would like to reiterate to the public that this product is registered as a food supplement under FR No. 4000005349647 valid until 03 April 2022. The approved ‘Suggested Usage’ on its label is “Add 5 drops to water, juice, beverage or any food preparations.” hence, the use of this product as eye drop claiming to prevent or cure eye diseases is not evaluated and not approved by FDA. Further, the product contains ingredients that may irritate or severely damage a person’s eyes and may cause permanent blindness.

The FDA advises the general public to exercise extreme caution when using this type of product for purposes other than those indicated on the approved label as this may pose a risk when used inappropriately and inconsistently with the suggested usage. The general public is also encouraged to seek assistance from ophthalmologists who have the expertise to diagnose and provide treatment for any disorder of the eyes. For any adverse reactions on the use of this food supplement, seek medical attention immediately and report to the FDA through [email protected].

All entities, sellers, and/or distributors of this food supplement are sternly warned and hereby directed to refrain from making such misleading advertisements and promotions. Appropriate regulatory sanctions shall be executed to companies that are continuously conducting such and other similar activities upon issuance of this Advisory.

Dissemination of this advisory to all concerned is hereby requested.

Attachment:-> FDA Advisory No.2020-1389