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In the interest of consistency and coherent efforts in preventing the entry of the African Swine Fever Virus (ASF), the following are the identified countries with the ASF virus, in line with the Memorandum Orders of the Department of Agriculture and consistent with previous FDA Order Nos.: 2018-133, 2019-045, 2019-103 and 2020-1283:

1.      China

2.      Hungary

3.      Latvia

4.      Poland

5.      Romania

6.      Russia

7.      Ukraine

8.      Vietnam

9.      Zambia

10.  South Africa

11.  Bulgaria

12.  Cambodia

13.  Mongolia

14.  Moldova

15.  Belgium

16.  Hongkong

17.  North Korea

18.  Laos

19.  Germany

20.  Indonesia

21.  Greece

22.  Myanmar

23.  Serbia

24.  Slovakia

25.  South Korea

In view of the aforementioned, the public is hereby advised to exercise extreme caution in purchasing and consuming processed pork meat products and to only consume FDA registered processed pork meat products which are sourced from countries NOT LISTED above.

The FDA would like to reiterate that it does not allow the registration of processed pork meat products from these ASF virus affected countries. A heightened post-marketing surveillance and audit is being conducted on all concerned and covered establishments, to ensure full compliance to the foregoing FDA Orders, and at the same time, to hold violators liable under Republic Act 9711 (Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009), Republic Act 10611 (Food Safety Act of 2013) and other pertinent laws, rules and regulations, all in the interest of protecting public health and safety.

For more information and inquiries, please e-mail us at or call us at the Center for Food Regulation & Research at (02) 857-1900 local 8112/8105. To report the sale or distribution of these banned products despite the issuance of FDA Orders, kindly email us via

Dissemination of the information to all concerned is requested.

Attachment:->  FDA Advisory No.2020-1930