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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – Philippines hereby advises the general public and all healthcare facilities to be vigilant when purchasing hand sanitizer, antibacterials and antiseptics sold through online stores, i.e. Marketplace of Facebook, Lazada and Shoppee, among others.

The convenience brought about by online selling of these health products at this time of public health emergency is indeed commendable, however, we would like to warn the public to be mindful of their transactions as there are unscrupulous individuals who are taking advantage of this situation for personal gain.  Among those reported to be sold online are products that are unregistered/unnotified hand sanitizers, antiseptics, antibacterials, and other toxic chemicals with unverified claims regarding the elimination of COVID-19.  Promotional marketing schemes including the display of FDA logo on their products and the use of statements such as, but not limited to, “The product is registered/notified with FDA”, “Buy 1 Take 1”; and/or “With Limited Stocks”, are abused to attract customers during this time of public health emergency.


The label of health products under the category of hand sanitizers shall bear the product’s name and function, usage instructions and the following information, among others:

Correspondingly, this advisory warns unscrupulous individuals and companies to take down all posted and advertised health products such as hand sanitizers, antibacterials and antiseptics via internet sites unless these products are authorized by the FDA. Erring companies found to violate Republic Act 9711 and its implementing rules and regulations will be sanctioned and penalized in accordance to the full extent of the law.

Therefore, consumers, public and private healthcare facilities – the management and its staff, all public and private companies – the management and its staff, law enforcement agencies and other government units are enjoined to ensure that only authorized health products are bought, consumed, or made available in their facilities/institutions/ households and areas of jurisdiction.

Please be encouraged to visit the FDA website, at and utilize the “search” tool to know the authorization status of establishments and health products.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research through email address, [email protected] or at landline nos. 02-8857-1900 loc. 8107 or 8113.

To report any sale or distribution of unnotified cosmetic products such as hand sanitizers, you may utilize the online reporting facility: eReport, at

Dissemination of this advisory to all concerned is hereby requested.

Attachment:->FDA Advisory No.2020-421