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In compliance with Republic Act No. 11032 otherwise known as the Ease of Doing Business (EODB) under Section 9., (b) Action of Offices where it states that “In cases where the cause of delay is due to force majeure or natural or man-made disasters, which result to damage or destruction of documents, and/or system failure of the computerized or automatic processing, the prescribed processing times mandated in this Act shall be suspended and appropriate adjustments shall be made.” The FDA shall conduct a system maintenance and modifications to the current processing of application in the Electronic Portal System V.2 for HUHS Licensing and Registration which calls for an application holiday. The modifications would specifically focus on correcting failures and updating the current application workflow to incorporate additional steps in the evaluation process.

The FDA would like to harness support from the HUHS industry in the implementation of this changes in compliance with EODB by postponing their filing of applications during the period from 02-15 July 2021. These ten (10) working days application holiday will enable the Center for Cosmetics and Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Regulation and Research to finish processing all pending HUHS licensing and registration applications filed in the E-portal before the incorporation of the new changes in the system. During this period, the current E-portal System V.2 will be closed. No user account registration and initial HUHS licensing and registration application may be filed or created during the said period.

The system maintenance and modification will enable the HUHS licensing and registration application to provide ease in application processing and evaluation that will benefit the stakeholders of the HUHS industry. This advisory is issued to give all concerned HUHS establishment a proper notification of the reason for such actions taken.

Your kind understanding on the matter is highly appreciated.