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In the interest of effective and efficient public service delivery, we would like to inform the general public that there are paid FDA applications remains unposted due to application case numbers with no data found in the system and applications with invalid case numbers provided.

All concerned are requested to kindly check their pending applications and if the payment status is still unposted, please email [email protected] ONLY with the following details:

Email Subject              :           “UNPOSTED PAYMENT

Email Body                  :            shall contain (1) The Company Name; (2) Scanned Proof of Payment(s); and the (3) related Order of                                                           Payment(s) or Assessment Slip(s)

Please ensure the correctness and appropriateness of the information provided for a more expeditious facilitation of payment transaction verification.

Sample email format is attached in this Advisory as Annex “A”

For your information and strict guidance.

Thank you.