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In response to the continuing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following guidelines are to be complied with by all non-FDA personnel who wish to arrange for a meeting with the DG:

1. Coordinate with the Office of the Director General (ODG), through, requests for scheduling to check the availability of the Director General. The receipt of the request shall not mean the automatic approval by the ODG.
2. Only a maximum of four (4) guests are allowed per confirmed appointment, who shall present the following:

a. Valid Vaccination card with at least one booster shot; AND
b. A negative RT- PCR test, taken within forty- eight (48) hours of the date of the meeting; or a negative Antigen Test, taken within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of the meeting, with an accompanying certification from a licensed physician, attesting to the integrity of the results of the test;

(NOTE: The results of either of the tests should be submitted online, at least five (5) hours in advance of the scheduled meeting, and is subject to the clearance and approval of any of the FDA’s physicians.)

c. Filled up Health declaration form supplied by the FDA Clinic;
d. Health screening in the FDA Lobby by the FDA Nurse.

3. All guests are required to wear well- fitted masks while observing social distancing at all times.
4. Documents or papers to be discussed during the meeting are encouraged to be sent in advance through the above-stated email, so as to minimize physical contact and possible transmission of disease through the passing and sharing of papers.
5. Only those named in the appointment set with the ODG and compliant with the above-mentioned guidelines shall be allowed entry and access.
6. The ODG reserves its right to take any appropriate action against any violators of the above-mentioned guidelines.
7. These guidelines shall apply to all individuals or entities wishing to personally meet with the Director General, whether public or private. The Director General reserves the right to waive such requirements and cancel any approved request upon proper notice.

For everyone’s information and compliance.