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With the Christmas holidays drawing near, Filipinos share joy through well-wishes and gifts this gift-giving season. In picking toys to gift, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wishes to provide three (3) practical reminders to the public for a safe and fun Christmas celebration.


  1. Read the label. The choices for gift toys in the market are endless, so be sure to check the product label’s information, which can help you with selecting an age-appropriate toy and with reviewing safety instructions. To assist you, some useful information include:

a. Age grading, which suggests the minimum age for a child to safely play a given toy

b. Cautionary Statements/Warnings, which provides safety information that may be involved with playing with the toy

c. Instructional Literature, which reasonably informs you how to use the toy correctly

d. Manufacturer’s markings with complete name and address of the local company, which lets you know the identity of the manufacturer

e. License to Operate (LTO) Number issued by FDA, which lets you know that the company is duly-licensed with the FDA

f. Item Model/ Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number, which informs you of the specific product identity

  1. Buy from legitimate sources. In order to make sure that your products are authentic, we encourage consumers to buy only from reputable establishments.
  2. Finally, check for recalls and if the product has been notified with FDA. Consumers are highly urged to visit the FDA website and its social media accounts, to be kept updated of reports and recalls on products. An easy way to check if a product went through the FDA is the FDA Verification Portal, accessible at

The FDA wishes everyone a safe and fun-filled holiday.

For reports of any sale or distribution of unnotified or doubtful toys and childcare articles, please file a report through eReport at