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On 28 December 2017, the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) issued Memorandum Order No. 104 Series of 2017 otherwise known as the “Revised Guidelines for Student Internship Program in the Philippines “SIPP” for all Programs” to provide guidelines in the conduct of the program for student internship. The program aims to provide an opportunity for students to complement formal learning with practical knowledge and skills in the workplace.

Pursuant to this, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hereby issues the guidelines for its Student Internship Program (SIP) for college students enrolled in Higher Education Institutions (HEI). The program shall serve as a platform for students to experience practical work assignments, apply their competencies in their areas of specialization and/or apply subject in the actual work environment of FDA.


This Circular aims to provide guidance to HEI and students on the administration of the SIP in FDA. Specifically, it aims to:

1. Define the requirements and procedures in applying for SIP;
2. Specify the roles and responsibilities of the FDA, HEI, and the student interns; and
3. Provide the criteria for the evaluation of students’ performance.


This Circular shall apply to HEI, students applying for SIP as a course requirement, and the FDA in the administration of the program.


1. Internship Coordinator – refers to the FDA Center/Office employee who will directly supervise the student interns.

2. Internship – refers to the practical application of classroom learning to the actual in regular work environment such as but not limited to commercial and industrial services, government or non-government agencies. It is also synonymous to practicum, field practice, On-the-Job Training. This is not synonymous to Apprenticeship and Learnership, as defined by Republic Act No. 7796, otherwise known as “An Act Creating the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, Providing for its Powers, Structure and for other Purposes.

3. Higher Education Institutions – refers to schools, colleges, and universities duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

4. Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) – refers to an agreement executed between the HEI and partner institution specifying the detailed role and responsibilities of all concerned parties, the safety of student, training plan, learning objectives, and method of evaluation.

5. School Focal Person – refers to the personnel from the HEI authorized to coordinate with the FDA on matters related to the SIP.

6. Student Internship Program (SIP) Coordinator – refers to the Human Resource Development Division (HRDD) personnel duly assigned to manage and supervise the overall implementation of the FDA SIP and coordinate with the HEI and/or the School Focal Person.


A. General Guidelines

1. The requesting HEI shall enter into an agreement with the FDA through a MOA (Annex A) signed by its President/Chairperson and the FDA Director General.

2. The School Focal Person shall facilitate the approval/signature of template MOA on the part of the HEI and send duly signed copy of MOA to FDA Main Office.

3. The student must be officially enrolled and endorsed by the HEI, provided that the latter has a valid MOA with the FDA. He/she shall be at least 20 years of age from the start of the internship period.

4. The FDA shall not impose any fee for the program. However, all costs incurred with the student’s participation must be borne by the requesting HEI in accordance with CHED Memorandum Order No. 104 Series of 2017.

5. The HRDD under the Administrative and Finance Service shall manage and supervise the overall implementation of the FDA SIP.

6. The HRDD and Center/Office shall identify the Student Internship Program Coordinator and Internship Coordinator, respectively.

7. The HEI shall identify specific goals and objectives for the students, subject to the evaluation and approval of the head of the HRDD and the Center/Office/ Regional Field Office (RFO) where the students shall be immersed.

8. The FDA may postpone, suspend, or terminate the SIP at any time, with prior notice to the HEIs, of any the acts falling under Section VIII, due to management’s decision, force majeure, fortuitous events or other cases that may affect the implementation of the SIP.

9. There shall be no employer-employee relationship that exists between the FDA and the student during the internship program.

B. Requirements

The School Focal Person, shall send the following to the HRDD through its office e-mail address [email protected], with the email subject: FDA SIP Application (School Name):

1. Accomplished FDA Student Internship Program Application Form (Annex B)

2. Endorsement letter in official letter head confirming current enrollment, stating the specific goals and objectives, and stating that the internship is part of the course requirement signed by the Dean or any authorized representative from the HEI addressed to:

Food and Drug Administration
Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, 1781 Philippines


3. Student’s Signed Resume/Curriculum Vitae;

4. Notarized written consent of parents or legal guardian. (Waiver shall not be allowed).

5. Medical Certificate indicating good health and emotional fitness. The medical certificate shall be based on a physical and psychological examination conducted in government clinics and hospitals accredited by the Department of Health (DOH). The applicant must also submit other related medical examination requirements such as laboratory or diagnostic tests, as may be required by the FDA.

6. Class schedule and preferred internship schedule, if applicable.

7. 2 x 2 ID Picture with name tag (in JPG format)

Requirements shall be sent at least two (2) weeks before the start of the next quarter. Evaluation of SIP application shall be done on a first-come-first serve basis. Only applications with complete and correct requirements shall be processed. The HRDD shall provide feedback through a letter within 7-10 working days. Acceptance letters shall reflect the name of students accepted in the SIP.

C. Administration of the Program

1. Twenty (20) slots for the FDA SIP shall be offered for each quarter. Of which two (2) students will be deployed for each Center/Office at the FDA Central Office. However, the number of slots may vary depending on the need and availability of the concerned Centers/Offices/RFOs where the students shall be deployed. The qualification of the students is based on courses related to the main functions of FDA:

Offices Courses

Center for Drug Regulation & Research

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry / Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine

Other related allied science courses

Center for Cosmetics and Household Urban Hazardous Substances Regulation and Research

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry / Biochemistry / Chemical Engineer

Other related allied science courses

Center for Device Regulation, Radiation and Health Research

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry / Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

Other related allied science courses

Center for Food Regulation & Research

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Other related allied science courses

Common Services Laboratory

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry / Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition

Bachelor of Science in Food Technology

Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine

Other related allied science courses

Field Regulation Operation Office

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Other related allied science courses


Other Offices

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and other related IT courses

Other related courses

2. Deployment for the SIP shall be conducted throughout the year, which shall commence based on the date specified on the approved MOA.

3. Students shall present a copy of their acceptance letter upon reporting to the FDA.

4. The HRDD shall issue a temporary Identification Card to each student which they shall wear always inside the FDA premises.

5. The HRDD shall provide the student an orientation on the overview of the FDA, including the office rules and regulations. For students that shall be deployed in the FDA RFO, the Internship Coordinator shall perform this task.

6. Students shall be given a maximum of three (3) months to finish the internship period. In case the student will be unable to finish the program within the designated period, he/she shall inform the HEI and the SIP Coordinator in writing of the intent and reasons to prematurely end the program.

7. Students who fail to finish their required internship hours within the given three (3) month-period shall be given with a Certification indicating the number of internship hours rendered. However, should the student wish to continue the SIP to compensate for the required number of hours, he/she shall be allowed to re-apply once in the FDA SIP to finish the remaining internship hours within two (2) months. Likewise, the student shall be given with a Certification indicating the number of internship hours completed.

8. Students shall not be considered as an employee of the FDA and shall not, in any way, represent the FDA in official capacity for the duration of the program.

9. Students shall wear their school uniform when reporting at the FDA during the SIP. During Fridays, students may wear civilian clothes, following the dress code of the FDA.

10. Students shall follow the working hours of the FDA and report for at least three (3) full days a week, subject to the student’s schedule.

11. Students shall maintain and regularly accomplish their Internship Journal (Annex C), detailing their day-to-day activity and learning.

12. The School Focal Person, upon coordination with the SIP Coordinator, may conduct official visits/inspection of students to monitor their progress.

13. Students may be requested to render overtime services as the need arises, subject to their consent. The number of hours rendered shall be included in the computation of their required internship hours.


The HEI shall obtain the personal accident insurance for the students accepted during their deployment to cover any incident which may happen while undergoing their respective program.

In cases of incidents involving the students which resulted to damage to the FDA property caused by negligence or willful intent, the HEI shall cover the equivalent value of the damaged property, subject to the existing FDA accounting and auditing rules and regulations. Payment for the damaged property shall be made within two (2) weeks from the date of the incident and shall be a condition for the issuance of the Certificate of Completion. Non-settlement/payment of the damaged property shall be a ground for the termination of the student’s internship, and the FDA has the right to prohibit the concerned HEI in its future application for SIP at the FDA.

The FDA shall not be responsible for the medical and life insurance of the student or cost arising from accidents and illness acquired during the program.


The Internship Coordinator shall monitor the attendance and work performance of the students, and evaluate them at the end of the period using the evaluation form provided by the HEI.

Excused absences such as requiring students to report to school or attend school related activities are allowed, provided that the Internship Coordinator is notified at least three (3) working days prior to the intended day/s of absence. In case of emergency absences due to sickness, disability or any emergency cases, the student shall inform the Internship Coordinator immediately upon his/her return. Consecutive absences of five (5) days or longer shall be justified with a written explanation signed by the HEI. Non-submission of a written explanation duly signed by the HEI shall be a ground for the premature termination of the student’s internship.

In case there is no evaluation form provided, the student shall be graded as follows:









Students attendance shall be based on the number of days they reported on time at the FDA to perform their tasks. While the performance will be graded based on the following criteria:




Quality of Work

Meeting the work standards in the performance of assigned tasks



Communication Skills

Ability to effectively present information and ideas in written and oral



Technical Proficiency

Demonstrates understanding of the job and possesses the appropriate skills to perform assigned tasks


Work Ethics

Adheres to set of standards in the workplace


The student must get an average rating of at least 80% in order to successfully finish the program and be awarded with a Certificate of Completion duly signed by the Director of the Center/Office the students were deployed and the Head of the HRDD at the end of the internship period. While a Certification bearing the total number of internship hours rendered shall be given to students who were not able to complete the required number of internship hours.


The following acts of violation shall not be allowed in the duration of the program:

1. Any act of gambling, theft, and other similar acts;
2. Submission of forged or fraudulent documents;
3. Any act in violation of the FDA’s rules and regulations;
4. Any act in violation of the HEI’s rules and regulations in accordance with the programs; and
5. Any act in violation of the laws of the country.

Students found guilty of violating any of the aforementioned shall be subjected to sanctions in accordance to the rules and regulations of their respective HEI and/or their removal from the program.


Students shall sign and strictly abide at all times to the terms and conditions stipulated in the FDA Rules and Regulations, such as the FDA Conflict of Interest and FDA Confidentiality Undertaking, during and after the internship period.

Furthermore, any work, program, processes, and the like introduced by the student in the course of his/her internship program shall be owned by the FDA.


FDA Memorandum Circular No. 2012-007, entitled “FDA Internship Program Guidelines” dated 27 December 2012 is hereby repealed.

Other related issuances on the FDA Student Internship Program inconsistent or contrary to the provisions of this Circular are hereby rescinded, amended, or modified accordingly.


If any provision of this Circular is declared unauthorized or rendered invalid by competent authority, those provisions not affected thereby shall remain valid and effective.

Subsequent amendments or revisions emanating from cited issuances in this Circular shall be considered applicable as may be deemed relevant.


This FDA Circular shall take effect fifteen (15) days following its publication in a newspaper of general circulation and upon filing three (3) certified true copies with the University of the Philippines – Office of the National Administrative Register (UP-ONAR). The provisions stipulated in this FDA Circular shall remain in effect unless otherwise revoked or repealed.