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FDA Benchmarks International Legal and Regulatory Framework for Biocides
On 08-09 January 2024, the Center for Cosmetics and Household/Urban Hazardous Substances Regulation and Research under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in coordination with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Industrial Technology Development Institute of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), conducted the In-Person OECD Workshop on Biocide Management. Said workshop is the culminating activity of the OECD Capacity-Building Project for the Philippines funded by the OECD dedicated to improving chemical management in the country.
In addition to the FDA and DOST, the in-person workshop in Alabang has been attended by representatives from other partner government agencies including the Bureau of Fire Protection, Environmental Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Occupational Safety and Health Center, and the Bureau of Working Conditions of the Department of Labor and Employment, Health Promotion Bureau, Epidemiology Bureau and Poison Control Centers of the Department of Health as well as the Philippine General Hospital – National Poison Management and Control Center.
The in-person workshop discusses biocide management in the context of benchmarking the legal/regulatory framework of other countries/regions including those of South Korea and the European Union, more particularly France, and also delves into the matter of continued efficacy of registered biocide products in terms of the development of insecticide resistance.
The conduct and participation in such activity of the FDA’s Food-Drug Regulation Officers (FDROs) not only ensures regulations remain consistent with international standards that are science and evidence-based but also builds the competencies of its personnel and creates opportunities for the FDA and the other government agencies to work towards a more whole-of-government approach for biocide management, all in the name of health and environmental protection.
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