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Congratulations to all our winners of the National Consciousness Week Against Counterfeit Medicine (NCWACM) 2023 Poster-Making Contest!

1st Place: Entry by Noemie Zuniega Dalipe from Our Lady of Fatima University; Score: 76.40%; Prize: PHP 15,000.00

2nd Place: Entry by John Vincent A. Medillo from Jose Maria College Foundation, Inc.; Score: 75.10%; Prize: PHP 10,000.00 and

3rd Place: Entry Amirah Mae D. Sadaba from University of Santo Tomas; Score: 74.80%; Prize: PHP 7,500.00

4th Place: Entry by Daniel Pangilinan from STI College Lucena; Score: 73.00%

5th Place: Entry by Bryan T. Elfondo from Holy Child Central Colleges Inc; Score: 71.60%

6th Place: Entry by Leo F. Cawagdan from CPNHS Kita-Kita Annex; Score: 71.20%

Also at 6th Place Entry by Niña Airize Aronico Baro from St. Anthony Montessori; Score: 71.20%

8th Place: Entry by Aljhon Tusi from Amparo High School; Score: 69.90%

9th Place: Entry by Mark Eric V. Caringal from Batangas State University; Score: 69.60%

10th Place: Entry by Adrian Ongtingco from San Francisco High School; Score: 68.10%

11th Place: Entry by Niña Carwinmae C. Ramos from Centro Escolar University; Score: 67.90%

12th Place: Entry by Daniela R. Teñoso from University of Santo Tomas; Score: 66.30%

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