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Emergency Use Authorization

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is an authorization issued for unregistered drugs and vaccines in a public health emergency. The FDA Director General, by virtue of the Executive Order No. 121 of the President of the Philippines, authorizes the issuance of the EUA.

List of COVID-19 Vaccines Authorized by the FDA


List of COVID-19 Drugs Authorized by the FDA

Reports of suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccines

The FDA publishes overview of reports of suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccines currently in use in the vaccination program of the Philippines. The FDA issues weekly overview of the reports.

Status as of 09 January 2022

Number of individuals partly vaccinated: 9,509,287
Number of fully vaccinated individuals: 52,393,229
Number of reports of suspected adverse reaction: 86,474 (0.08% of doses administered)



To report a suspected side effect, click here.