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The Department of Health – Food and Drug Administration released recently an advisory warning retailers on promoting and selling of alcoholic beverages to minors (below 18 years old). This is in light of recent reports that alcopops, sweet and often fruit-flavored or fizzy alcoholic beverages, are being sold by retailers, such as supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores to minors, alongside with juice drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages.

To ensure health and welfare of minors and to remind retailers on the ethical sale of alcoholic beverages, the DOH-FDA is sternly reminding all retailers to refrain from the promotion and selling of all alcoholic beverages, especially alcopops, to minors. Further, retailers are reminded to include appropriate prominent signage for liquors/alcoholic drinks in their respective stores and ensure the conduct of appropriate verification of age of customers.

The general public is enjoined to be vigilant from food retailers who continuously sell alcoholic beverages to minors. Please report these erring food retailers to eReport, the online reporting facility of the Food and Drug Administration, which can be accessed at or call 857-1900 local 8112 and 8115.

Attachment-> : Press Release 22 August 2019