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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public from purchasing and using the following non-compliant cosmetic products manufactured by Krystaricci Trading:

Product Names Notification Marketing Authorization Holder (MAH) Manufacturer
1. Neuwhite Gold

Whitening Facial


NN-1000004961838 Wellnxt Corporation

Address:Lg01 Cityland Shaw Tower, Shaw Blvd Cor St. Francis St, Barangay Wack Wack, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila







Krystaricci Trading

Address: No. 14 Abao St., La Loma, Paang Bundok, Quezon City Metro Manila









Krystaricci Trading

Address: No. 14 Abao St., La Loma, Paang Bundok, Quezon City Metro Manila

2. Vartouhi Skinn 5-in-1

Intensive Skin Solution

NN-1000005195029 Guanztech Enterprises

Address: 151-F 18th Avenue Barangay East Rembo, Makati, Metro Manila


3. Vartouhi Vartouhi

Skin Rejuvenate

4. Cercabella 24k Serum NN-1000005201786
5. Vartouhi Quiera

Active Serum

6. Gels Beauty Product

Concealer Stick

NN-1000005218573 Gels Beauty Products

Address: Kamagong St. Pamaldan Cabanatuan City Nueva Ecija

7. Gels Beauty Product

Tawas Soap with


8. Bubbly Skin Glow


NN-1000005160728 Bubbly Skin

Address: Unit 7 – 1318 Agoncillo Townhomes 1, F. Agoncillo Street, Paco, Manila

9. Bubbly Skin Dream

Whip Foam Wash

10. Fairy Cosmetics PH

Fairy Air Tint

NN-1000005224383 Fairy Jill Trading

Address: Ugf-mbk New Point Mall, Santo Rosario, Angeles, Pampanga

The abovementioned products were post-evaluated by FDA as part of their postmarketing surveillance activities that Krystaricci Trading is not a holder of a License To Operate (LTO) as Manufacturer which render the subject products non-compliant pursuant to Book I, Article II, Section 2 of the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No. 9711, otherwise known as the “Food and Drug Administration Act of 2009” which provides for the relevant functions, powers and duties of the agency, including the conduct of PMS activities in the monitoring of health products.

Based on the Certificate of Product Notification issued to the company, any subsequent changes to the information previously submitted to the FDA will render the notification invalid, thus, a new notification will have to be submitted.

In light of the foregoing, the public is advised not to purchase the aforementioned violative cosmetic product. Moreover, the public is advised to always check if a cosmetic product is notified with the FDA through its website ( It has a Search feature which may be used by typing in the name of the product before deciding on purchasing and/or using the said product.

All concerned establishments are warned not to distribute violative cosmetic product until they have fully complied with the rules and regulation of the FDA.

All FDA Regional Field Offices and Regulatory Enforcement Units, in coordination with law enforcement agencies and Local Government Units, are requested to ensure that violative products are not sold or made available in the market or areas of their jurisdiction.

To report any sale, distribution, complaint and/or adverse event on the use of the violative cosmetic product, the online reporting facility, eReport can be accessed at [email protected]or call us at the Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research (CCRR) hotline (02) 8857-1900 loc. 8113 or 8107.

Dissemination of this advisory to all concerned is hereby requested.

Attachment:->FDA Advisory No.2020-1313