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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns the public on significant risks associated with the use of medicines against COVID-19 including medicines bought from online platforms and from unauthorized sources.

Medicines without FDA authorization have not undergone evaluation and assessment, hence, the safety and quality cannot be ensured for public consumption. It may not contain the active ingredient, or there might be too much or too little of the active ingredients which may result to under treatment of the disease or no response to the condition. Also, unauthorized medicines may not be stored correctly in accordance with its appropriate storage conditions therefore compromising its stability.

All medicines have the potential to cause serious side effects and health problems if not used according to the prescribed indication and dosage. These can pose serious health risks, hence, it is important to seek advice from physicians and pharmacists prior to use.

The FDA encourages patients, caregivers and the general public to report suspected adverse reactions or side effects when using medicines. It is also important to contact your doctor or pharmacist to inform you of any medical care or a change in treatment if needed.

If you wish to directly report an adverse reaction, you can use the online reporting found at the FDA website or you may also ask your doctor or pharmacist to report for you. Anyone can report issues relating to the safety of medicines to FDA as this contributes to the overall knowledge of the safety of a medicine and the patient experience.