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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reminds all medical practitioners and authorized establishments that the sale of medical grade oxygen requires the prescription of a licensed physician.

Under existing rules and regulations, it is reiterated that medical grade oxygen is classified as a prescription drug. Dispensing of this drug product without prescription is prohibited.

The use of oxygen therapy without proper medical guidance from health professionals may lead to irreversible health damages such as oxygen toxicity and severe lung injury.  Further, the improper use and storage of oxygen tanks may cause explosion and environmental hazards that lead to fire emergencies and safety issues at home.

The indiscriminate sale of medical oxygen may also lead to hoarding and panic buying of consumers which may subsequently cause shortage of supplies in health facilities.

The FDA strongly reminds establishments to require a doctor’s prescription in the purchase of medical oxygen to ensure the safety of the consumers and the general public.

For the strict observance and compliance.