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In the interest of consistency and coherent efforts in preventing the entry of African Swine Fever Virus in the country, the Food and Drug Administration, following the Department of Agriculture Memorandum Order No. 24 Series of 2019 and No. 20 Series of 2021 respectively, hereby expands the temporary ban on entry of meat and meat products of domesticated or wild pig in nature from the following countries:

  1. Zimbabwe
  2. Malaysia

Importers, distributors, retail outlets, and other dealers of processed pork meat products, are warned against the importation, distribution and sale of these banned products, under the pain of being prosecuted for violation of the FDA Act of 2009, the Food Safety Act of 2013, and other relevant laws, rules and regulation on food safety.

The Bureau of Customs, Local Government Units (LGUs) and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) are requested to ensure that these products are not brought in to our shores, sold or made available in the Philippine market.

For more information and inquiries, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at the Center for Food Regulation & Research at (02) 8857-1900 local 8112/8115.

To report the sale or distribution of these banned products despite the issuance of FDA Order Nos. 2018-133, 2019-045, 2019-103, 2020-1283, and this Order, kindly email us via [email protected].                 This Order shall take effect immediately.