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The 10th Meeting of the National Contact Points of the ASEAN Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (10th ARASFF-NCPs) & The 8th Meeting of Steering Committee of the ASEAN Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (8th ARASFF-SC)

MANILA, Philippines – The ASEAN Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (ARASFF) recently held a meeting with the Food and Drug Administration Philippines (FDA) to discuss the latest updates on food safety regulations and initiatives. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), being the National Contact Point (NCP) in the Philippines, plays an essential role in ensuring the safety of food and feed products available in the country. To maintain this standard, the agency is working with other ASEAN Member States (AMS) of the ASEAN Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (ARASFF) to strengthen their food safety network and improve their response to food safety issues.

The ARASFF is a regional network of food safety authorities that works together to exchange information and coordinate actions in response to food safety incidents in Southeast Asia. The FDA is the national regulatory agency responsible for ensuring the safety and quality of food and drug products in the Philippines.

This year the Philippines hosted and chairs the 10th ARASFF-NCP, led by the FDA’s Director General Dr. Samuel A. Zacate. The meeting focuses on the approval of Provisional Agenda, Policy Framework and Progress of the Regional Food Safety Cooperation, Progress of the ARASFF Cooperation, Implementation of Plan of Action of ARASFF (2018-2023), Adoption of the Report from all the FDA’s counterpart in the ASEAN member states and discussion of other matters concerning ARASFF.

During the meeting, both parties exchanged updates on their respective food safety programs and discussed ways to enhance collaboration and information-sharing. They also discussed the challenges faced in ensuring food safety in the region and explored possible solutions.

The ARASFF and FDA emphasized the importance of timely and accurate information-sharing among food safety authorities to ensure the safety of the food supply chain. They also emphasized the need for continued vigilance and cooperation among all stakeholders in the food industry, from producers to consumers.

The collaboration between the FDA Philippines and the ARASFF system is a significant step towards ensuring the safety of food and feed products in the country. The ARASFF system allows member countries to work together and share information, enabling them to detect and respond to food safety issues quickly. With the continued efforts of the FDA Philippines and other member countries, the ARASFF system will continue to play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of food and feed products across the ASEAN region.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to further strengthen the collaboration between ARASFF and the FDA to ensure the safety of the food and feed supply chain in the region. Both parties also expressed their commitment to work together to improve food safety standards and practices in the ASEAN region.

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