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Do you know that International Women’s Day is celebrated every 8th of March? It began in New York City on March 8, 1857, when female textile workers marched in protest of unfair working conditions and unequal rights for women. It was one of the first organized strikes by working women, during which they called for a shorter work day and decent wages. Moreover, by virtue of Proclamation no. 227 s. 1988, the month of March of every year was declared “Women’s Role in History Month.”

Do you also know that purple serves as the color of this celebration because it signifies justice and dignity that reflects the 1908 history of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) in the UK? (

To mark the start of the celebration, on 08 March 2023 at 9:00 AM, employees gathered around the FDA open grounds and released helium-filled Purple Balloons into the sky. This was followed by a hybrid seminar entitled “National Women’s Month 2023, Pregnancy and Delivery” which was presented by Dr. Diego C. Danila, Jr., from the Department of Health. Family Planning was also discussed during the lecture while several concerns were also addressed in the open forum. Further, the agency launched “Purple Wednesdays,” a once-a-week activity wherein all FDA employees are encouraged to wear anything purple on all Wednesdays of March.

The Food and Drug Administration is with the nation in celebrating the 2023 National Women’s Month with the theme “WE for Gender Equality and Inclusive Society” to promote women’s empowerment and embrace gender equality. The FDA prepared a line-up of activities to honor the women working and contributing to the growth of the agency.

Kudos to all Women and Men who cherish women’s right to equality.

#WeCanBeEqual #WEareallforGenderEquality #WEareallforaninclusivesociety


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