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The Food and Drug Administration, Philippines (FDA) along with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services Program (MTaPS/Philippines) held a dialogue to discuss the goal of strengthening the country’s pharmaceutical systems to ensure sustainable access and appropriate use of safe, effective, quality-assured and affordable essential medicines and medicine-related pharmaceutical services.

The meeting’s objective was to promote the institutionalize integrated and effective health procurement and supply chain management system and to improve pharmaceutical services and establish a fully functional pharmacovigilance system with the help of the agency’s commitment to continuously improve the regulatory processes to keep up with the advancements to the latest and safest medical devices.

FDA Director General Dr. Samuel A. Zacate express his strong will in the importance of ensuring that medical devices available in the market are safe and effective. To achieve this goal, he is very keen to implement strict regulations and standards that medical device manufacturers must adhere to before their products can be distributed in the Philippines.

The USAID and FDA Philippines dialogue on strengthening the medical device regulation in the Philippines is a significant step towards improving public health in the country. This partnership addresses the challenges faced by the FDA in regulating medical devices and provides technical assistance and capacity building programs to enhance the FDA’s regulatory processes.

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