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The Food and Drug Administration commits to deliver continuous public health services by ensuring the safety, quality, and efficacy/effectiveness of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices and other related health products in the market throughout this COVID Pandemic.

In response to the growing reports on overpricing, hoarding and proliferation of unregistered, counterfeit and substandard health products, the FDA is opening its email hotline [email protected] for consumer reporting.

The public is urged to report problems on any health products regulated by the FDA, that may include the following:

  1. Physical and online selling of unregistered health products;
  2. Overpricing of essential medicines and medical supplies;
  3. Alleged fake and substandard health products;
  4. Concerns on food and drug safety;
  5. Any other related reports.

You may submit as much detail and information as possible about the source, name of product, its effects (if applicable), manufacturer, codes, lot number and expiration dates on packaging.

Your reports can help FDA identify the necessary enforcement actions to protect the public and prevent unwanted safety risks.

Attachment:-> FDA Advisory No.2020-451