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The public is hereby informed that Nestle Philippines, Inc. has ordered the recall of two variants of NESTLÉ® GOLD HONEY SWEETENED CORN FLAKES BREAKFAST CEREAL as these batches may contain small pieces of plastic:

Net weight        Batch code Expiry date
220g 12220631DE 10 August 2022
370g 12230631DF 11 August 2022


The recall is being initiated after receiving a customer feedback from Taiwan, that plastic pieces

had been found inside a bag of 10kg Nestlé Gold Honey Flakes. However, there are no similar complaint received by Nestle Philippines, Inc. in the country and no other Nestle Breakfast Cereals product variant and size is affected by this recall.

Consumers who may have purchased the abovementioned products are advised to contact Nestle Philippines, Inc. Consumer Care hotline 02-8898-0061, open from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 AM-10:00 PM.

All Officers of the Field Regulatory Operations Office (FROO) are hereby ordered to monitor the availability of the product with the specified batch numbers in the market and instruct the concerned establishment to return the sealed stocks to Nestle Philippines, Inc. for proper disposal.

Dissemination of the above information to all concerned is requested.