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COVID-19 Vaccines Information

COVID-19 Vaccine: Report a side effect

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) was declared a global pandemic by the WHO in March 2020. From then on, pharmaceutical companies were in constant search of a possible cure or how to mitigate the disease. By the late 2020s, several vaccine maker companies started applying for COVID-19 vaccines Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in the country. EUA is the authorization given to a medicine or vaccine during a public health emergency.

Vaccines reduce risks of getting a disease by working with your body’s natural defense to build protection (WHO). Several vaccine platforms are available in the country:


• mRNA vaccines

• viral vector vaccines

• inactivated vaccines

• protein subunit vaccines


In March 2021, COVID-19 vaccines started its rollout in the country. Reports of suspected adverse reactions or adverse events following immunization (AEFI)are closely monitored, up to one (1) year from the date of vaccination. Check Reports of suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccines below.

Aside from COVID-19 vaccines, several medicines were also granted EUA starting the last quarter of 2021. Monitoring of adverse reactions to these medicines is also closely monitored.

For more information on EUA, click here.


Reports of suspected adverse reaction to COVID-19 vaccines

The FDA publishes an overview of reports of suspected adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines that is currently in use in the vaccination program of the Philippines.

The reports of suspected adverse drug reactions issued on a weekly basis have provided timely and relevant information to the healthcare professionals and the public on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines used in the vaccination program of the government as implemented by the National COVID-19 Vaccination Operations Center. In line with the high vaccination coverage and operational strategy, updates will be published quarterly until the end of 2023 then as needed thereafter. Monitoring the safety of COVID-19 vaccines shall remain on a regular interval.

Status as of 31 December 2023

Total number of doses administered: 181,645,251
Number of fully vaccinated individuals: 78,443,972
Number of individuals with booster shots: 23,811,248
Number of reports of suspected adverse reaction: 113,166 (0.06% of doses administered)


Last updated: 13 March 2024